What is “Seeking Christ in Pop Culture”?

Seeking Christ in Pop Culture is an act of Thanksgiving and of active participation in God’s redemption of this world. As Paul says to the Ephesians, chapter 5:15,16:

15 See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, 16 redeeming the time, because the days are evil.

I’m actively looking for Christ to reveal His Truth in unlikely places. Movies, songs & stories can reveal the Truth (Christ is The Way, the Truth and The Light (John 14:6), and CHRIST is LOGOS(John 1:1), and this revelation can cheer us on our Christian journey.

We give God thanks for revealing His Truth in the creations of His Children; we act as salt by pointing it out when we see these revelations of His Glory. We actively participate in the redemption of God’s creation by stopping and pointing to a sign of God’s presence and pausing upon the discovery to praise Him. We encourage one another by showing what we’ve found: “Look!  He is not so far from us as we feared, shivering in our sinfulness; He is engaged in and loving what I thought unworthy.”

What I share, with few exceptions, are moments that I believe are unintentionally honoring to God; these writers, producers, actors did not exactly intend to give glory to God in these performances – at least not the Triune God I mean. But God works in them to show Himself, nonetheless, and I praise Him for that.

Why is it worth our time to actively Seek Christ in Pop Culture? 

We are to expand the time we’re given, like Nehemiah, who when confronted with an opportunity to help his people the Israelites, prayed to God in a private moment before answering the king (Artaxerxes). Nehemiah wedged a prayer into time, and we can do the same, praising God while watching a movie and sharing what we’ve found with others. The Anglican Book of Common Prayer says, “always and everywhere, we give praise to you, God…”. In these movies, songs and stories my goal is to celebrate where Christ lovingly plays a bit of hide and seek with us in this world.

Returning to Ephesians 5, I do believe that God intends us to redeem the time and claim it for His glory. To snatch a bit of beauty from the obscurity of worldliness is to slow the decay of this world for the sake of those who might yet choose Him.

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