Little Big Time


“Carriage Box”

I make miniscule bed boxes. I make them and I love them as things of beauty and as escapes for the mind (see more thoughts on them here). But I like the idea that though tiny, their sphere of influence is great. And that’s because they share an idea, and ideas can be big. I love Peter Gabriel’s song, “Big Time”. I love it musically and I love it lyrically. It’s making fun of hoarding and aggressive ambition. And it makes big money from making fun of that money-acquired stuff (or I hope it does, for Gabriel’s sake).

“Big Time, I’m on my way I’m making it, BIG TIME.” from the chorus, Peter Gabriel’s “BIG TIME”

Our world has big busy-ness – the media world does, anyway. And it’s hard to step away from that show of delights. As Nathan Fillion said in his Conan interview on June 12, 2013, we have “a movie theatre in our hands”, thanks to our smartphones. He was lamenting the lack of innovation in automobiles when our small devices, etc. can do so much, but I’m using his example as a visual of just how invasive this world has become. Many device innovations are great & helpful to us, but as the saying goes, you can have too much of a good thing. When it comes to that “still, small voice” (I Kings 19:12) that Elijah heard after all the natural commotion of wind and fire, a still, small voice is about all that will fit into the space that’s left in our active brain space.

What’s with all the commotion?

“Stefan” on Flight of the Conchords asks, “What’s with all the commotion?”. Jesus probably asks it, too (I hope Jesus stares at “Stefan” like Bret & Jemaine), when we’re unable to “hear” quiet, unable to step away from media commotion and step into His peace as if it were a private room at a luxury spa. The world wants us to strive for Big Time: more stuff. Jesus does things differently than the world: He asks for big small space from us. “Not as the world gives, do I give to you.” (John 14:27). Jesus asks for significant attention from our minds (that’s the “Big”), and He is able to wedge himself into our crammed lives, into our miniscule free head space (that’s the “small”). Jonny Gumbel, son of Nicky & Pippa of “Alpha” fame, tweeted this beautiful thought on May 6, 2013:

Closed off, ensconced in our (tiny?) Upper Rooms, Jesus can step in and make Himself and His Peace known to us. The quiet is tiny enough to hold in a thimble – or a tiny bed box. And that’s the big deal. Even if you took Jesus out of my description of these boxes, they offer the idea of quiet and peace. That idea can go with you in your imagination – and that’s the only Big Time worth making. *Oh, yes.*

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