World Cup Finals-Inspired Triplets

I keep a running tab on people who remind me of each other. And I try to post them on the face (back in the day, they were on MySpace). ANYhoo, I’m not at my computer to make a snazzy image doc as a single post, so today, during the 2014 World Cup Final, a futbal-inspired twins (triplets) post will be made on my WP page. This is also a fine distraction from my unnatural tension over this game/combinedgrief over the series ending (just for one month, right?).

Germany’s Thomas Müller reminds me of both the actor, Andrew Garfield, and my Crowded House Kiwi Man, Neil Finn. All three have a sweet smile. But Müller’s sweet smile doesn’t keep me from wanting a win for Argentina 🙂





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