Eid Ma Clack Shaw OR the minimalism of letters

page 2     S.Tudyk “Eid Ma Clack Shaw”

S.Tudyk, “Put Me in Your Blue Skies”

Put Me in Your Blue Skies
acrylic on canvas     60″ x 48″ x 1.5″     2015

S.Tudyk, “Sunken Waltz”

Sunken Waltz
acrylic on canvas     48” x 36” x 1.5”    2015

S.Tudyk, “All These Fine Memories”

All These Fine Memories… 
acrylic on canvas     48” x 36” x 1.5”     2015
…all three of these paintings are so refreshing and clean. Did fear of keeping the white “clean” hold you back in the creative process?
I have no fears with acrylic on canvas. Working on paper, that is another story.
Looking at your billboard paintings, you seem to have a messier or looser style of painting in those works. How is the Eid Ma Clack Shaw series similar to the billboards for you? How are they a distinct departure? Will you still make billboards after this?
In my opinion, this work has little in common with the billboards beyond being symbols of communication. I was focused on capturing the essence of paper in these works (smooth, soft, light), and let myself get caught up in a perfectionism to convey a rhythm with the handwriting. I have several ideas for a continuation and an evolution of the billboards, so yes, I will keep painting them. I think these two bodies of work keep me balanced.
How did you manage working with an end result that asked for so much definition?

Tudyk’s palette in her Marfa workspace

I held my breath a lot. I’m glad you see whiteness when you look at these. I was specifically inspired by whiteness while I was in Marfa. There is a gallery there that houses an amazing collection of minimal art. There are certain rooms that you enter and see what you think is an empty frame on a wall, or a frame holding a blank piece of paper. But as you get closer to it, you notice very subtle mark-making, or a slight off-white on white print on paper. It blew my mind to have my perception changed upon closer inspection.
How did the whiteness challenge you as you made this work?
Part of me wishes there had been more unplanned, abstract, dirty, messy elements in the work. But the nature of the subject kept me working in a controlled manner, for the most part. Maybe if I had used my stream of consciousness for the content, it would have come out differently.
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